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MIT Anna University
Chromepet, Chennai-44 India.

Awarded an International Patent by claiming anti-angiogenesis potential of sFRP4 with Prof. A. Dharmarajan, University of Western Australia (April 2007).
Title: Anti-angiogenic agents and methods of their use
Publication: WO/2007/115376
International: PCT/AU2007/000477
International Filing: 11.04.2007
Date: 18.10.2007
Inventors: Suvro Chatterjee (Anna University)
                   Arunasalam Dharmarajan (University of Western Australia)

Filed an Indian Patent by claiming anti-angiogenesis effect of pthalimide analogs.
Title: N- substituted phthalimide derivatives as potential angiogenesis inhibitors
Publication: 0051NF2011/IN
National Filing: 05.08.2011
Date: 18.10.2007
Inventors: Bikram Singh (IHBT) Suvro Chatterjee (Anna University)
                   Arunasalam Dharmarajan (University of Western Australia)
                   Neeraj Kumar (IHBT)
                   Upendra Sharma (IHBT)

Title: Interplanetary Travel G Simulator (IPTGS) (with CSIR): A system based on a 3-D clinostat which is the simulator of weightlessness/microgravity as in space. With a centrifuge attached to it makes it a simulator of hypogravity and hypergravity in one equipment. The equipment modulates the gravity level ranging from 10^-5 g to 30 g and thus the gravity at any point in the Universe can be simulated by this equipment.
Inventors: Suvro Chatterjee and Santosh Bhaskaran
File No. 591DEL2015