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MIT Anna University
Chromepet, Chennai-44 India.

Advanced Certification in Clinical Research Management

Alumni: Our students of yesterday have blossomed into the scientists of today and are at respectable positions across the globe. Total Number of Publications (Till 2020): 239

Number of students graduated:
        M S (by research) (Till 2020):
        PhD (Till 2020):

Patents: (Till 2020): 3

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Dr. Kavitha Sankaranarayanan (Head-Biosciences and Research Professor) (Click would lead to lab page – Separate File)
PhD (NCBS TIFR 2007)
Research Interests: Ion Channel Biology, Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Development, Stem Cells, Channelopathies, Modulators of ion channels from natural sources, Biotic/Abiotic stress in plants, Drug discovery, Cancer Biology, Autoimmune disorders, Nutrient uptake

Prof. Gautam Pennathur (Honorary Professor of Eminence) (Click should lead to his page)
PhD (IISc 1989)
Research Interests: Chemical Biology and Computational Biology

Dr. Jhansi Nathan (DST-Inspire Faculty) (Click would lead to the page she has given)
(Ph.D. 2016, Dr. ALMPG IBMS, University of Madras )
Research Interests: Zebrafish Angiogenesis, Cancer Drug Discovery, Marine Phytochemicals, Bioinformatics

Dr. Rajalakshmi Subramaniyam (DST-Inspire Faculty) (Click should lead to his page)
Details to be filled

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Sampath (CSIR RA) (Click should lead to ICBL lab page)
PhD (Anna University 2019)
Research Interests: Multiple sclerosis, Zebra fish models, Autoimmune diseases, ion channels, Bioinformatics

Dr. Gajalakshmi P (details to be filled) (Click would lead to the page she has given)