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Welcome to AU-KBC


Anna University - K. B. Chandrasekhar (AU-KBC) Research Centre, set up in 1999 by Dr. K.B Chandrasekhar.

The Research programs of the Centre combine the Academic with the Industrial, the Theoretical with the Experimental, the Long-term with the Short-term in the areas of Information Sciences and Life Sciences.

The Centre represents a pioneering effort in Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in Research in India.

It also works with a unique perspective on how a university-based research laboratory can become financially self- supporting through a judicious use of its expertise, skills and resources.

The achievements that the centre has realized working with such a paradigm is making it an attractive model for broad-basing India’s research efforts in a scalable and sustainable manner.

About Us Why Choose Us

Why Choose AU-KBC

The story of K B Chandrasekhar, founder-CEO, Jamcracker Inc, is highly inspirational. Especially, for all the enterprising young Indian men who desire to be successful entrepreneurs.

Chandra's journey started at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu where he was born, moving on to Trichy where he spent his early years, and then to Chennai where he did his school and college education, and finally to Silicon Valley in the United States.

Chandra set up the Anna University-K B Chandrasekhar Research Centre and also an incubator -- at the Chrompet-based Anna University campus which is not at all flashy -- just to prove that the best brains are available here, and we are capable of producing world-beaters.

Why a research centre at Anna University?

Chandra says "I believe that India will become the knowledge capital of the world. If that has to happen, we need world-class research. India had research but it was done within the four walls of various institutes. Another reason why I started the centre is because of my love for my alma mater. I want to set an example that your alma mater matters and educational institutions have a larger role beyond churning out students into becoming centres of excellence for the future."