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MIT Anna University
Chromepet, Chennai-44 India.

Information Sciences Division

The division pursues research in the areas of Discourse and Conversational Analysis, Indian Language Computing and Knowledge Discovery. Also in the area of open and free software.

The Computational Linguistics Research Group (CLRG) at AU-KBC Research Centre works on the scientific study of language from a computational perspective. We develop computational models of various linguistic phenomena, with the aim of building practical natural language processing systems.

The research interests span a broad range of topics in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. The work has combination of traditional and contemporary linguistic knowledge based approaches with statistical and machine learning methods.

The primary focus is on Discourse analysis and Machine Translation. The group works at intra and inter sentential (Discourse) level. At the Discourse level we do cognitive analysis of discourse such as coherence analysis, anaphora and connective resolution etc. Language families interested are in Dravidian, Indo -European and Indo-Aryan.

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