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Sl.NoTitle of the ProjectName of the Co-ordinatorSponsoring AgencyYear
1CDMA SimulationC N Krishnan
P V Ramakrishna
2Implementation of electronic governance model for Indian UniversitiesC N KrishnanMinistry of Information Technology2000
3Power Line CommunicationC N Krishnan
P V Ramakrishna
4Wireless LAN ConsultingS SrikanthUshus Tech
5Intercellular communicationS. V. RamananWellcome Trust
6Tamil Search EngineS BaskaranE I D Parry2001
7UPS SNMP ImplementationS V RamananConsul consolidated2001
8Single Molecule and Interface phenomenon in Biology.S V Ramanan and
B M Jaffar Ali
D S T2002
9Hereditary Breast Cancer StudiesP.GajalakshmiD S T2002
10Tamil Word net developmentS.ArulmozhiT V U2002
11Pseudorandom Sequences using Non-Linear Shift RegistersGurumurthi V Ramanan
M. Sethuraman,CAIR
12News Aggregation ToolsS BaskaranSify Chennai2002
13A statistical Analytical Report Regarding the status of Multilingualism on the Internet B@bel InitiativeL SobhaIndiana University, USA ( Project under UNESCO).2003
14Extended Range WLAN
S. Srikanth
M. Sethuraman
Brovis Networks (formerly Airmanage)2003
15Intercellular communicationS. V. RamananWellcome Trust, U.K.2003
16Biosensor for bacterial pathogen detection – feasibility studyB M Jaffar Ali
17Employment Trajectory AnalyserSobha L,Checktronix Ltd2003
18Detecting Pathogens & toxic materialsK KrishnamurthyU G C2003
19Information Extraction (General Domain)Sobha L,DST2004
20Extracting Information from Documents in Sociology of Environment.Sobha L,ICSSR2004
21Physical Layer Performance Enhancement Solutions for the IEEE 802.11a and 802.16a systemsSrikanth SDST2004
22Mechanism of active metabolites of garlic in the activation of NO synthase in pulmonary artery endothelial cells under hypoxiaS. ChatterjeeDRDO (DIPAS)2004
23Enhancements to the Tamil Search EngineS. BaskaranTamil Virtual University2004
24Development of Biosensors for toxic materials.K. Krishna-murthi and B M Jaffar AliInstr. Devel. Program (DST)2004
25Collaboration in Cardio Vascular Biology.B M Jaffar Ali and S. ChatterjeeSri Ramacha ndra Medical College2004
26Voice-based Multilingual Information Access (VMIA) System-Phase-IC N KrishnanDST (Indo- German Col laboration)2004
27PC based Image Comparison & Package Inspection SystemG V RamananI T C, Chennai2005
28National Resource Centre Free/Open Source SoftwareC N KrishnanDIT (MCIT)2005
29Gap junctions in the bystander effect in a breast cancer cell lineP. GajalakshmiDBT2005
30Molecular mechanism of endothelial NO synthase translocationSuvro ChatterjeeDST2005
31Shear stress-mediated production of NO in the migration of endothelial cells.Suvro ChatterjeeCSIR2005
32Indian Language to Indian Language Machine Translation System (IL-IL-MT)L.SobhaDIT2006
33Cross Lingual Information Access (CLIA)L.SobhaDIT2006
34Development of an instrument using immunofluroscene based biosensors for detection of infectious pathogensB M Jaffar AliCSIO2006
35Bioinformatics Approach for identification of hypothetical ORF in Bacterial Genome & Hydrogen production pathwaysG RameshkumarDIT2006
36Role of Gap junctions in the bystander effect in breast cancer cell lineP GajalakshmiDBT2006
37Mechanism of cadmium mediated suppresion of N O production in endothelial cell-- implication in endotehlial cell biologySuvro ChatterjeeICMR2006
38Consultancy and Testing of Tamil 16-bit All Character Encoding system for NLPL SobhaTVU2007
39Generation of Spectral data base on select toxins and their degradation products using raman spectroscopyK KrishnamurtyDRDE (DRDO)2007
40Dissecting nitric oxide signaling pathways of hypoxia induce tissue remodeling in lungsSuvro ChatterjeeLSRB (DRDO)2007
41Developing DNA Methylation Detection Kit and Associated Instrumentation for healthcare applicationsB M Jaffar Ali and K KrishnamurthyDST TDP2007
42Developing an Integrated Model of Vascular Remodeling: Kinetic Simulation of Nos Signaling Pathways in Nitric Oxide Regulation and Smooth Muscle RelaxationSuvro Chatterjee and
B M Jaffar Ali
43National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (Extension)C N KrishnanDIT (MCIT)2008
44Identification of role of select herb based extracts on oxidative status of cellsSuvro ChatterjeeUnilever2008
45Proteome Study Of The Cadmium Perturbations In Nitric Oxide SignallingSuvro ChatterjeeDAE2009
46Studying The Effects Of mTor Inhibitor and Sunitinib on Hepatic Stellate CellsSuvro ChatterjeeDST-INDO SWISS2009
47Human performance under different operational environments” Studying endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) in high altitudeSuvro ChatterjeeDRDO2009
48Use of nitric oxide in reversing pathologic fibrogenesis in liver: A cell biology approach to cure liver cirrhosisSuvro ChatterjeeTWAS2009
49Exploring Better Language Models For Indian Language Speech ProcessingBharadwaja KumarDST2009
50Identification And Experimental Validation Of Glycan Processing Enzyme And Surface Glycoproteins In Mycobacterium TuberculosisSulagna BanerjeeCSIR2009
51Identification organization and function of S/MAR elements in gastrointestinal protozoaSulagna BanerjeeDBT2009
52Secure Transmission of Electronic data between AU Chennai and collegesM SethuramanAnna University2009
53National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS PHASE II)C.N.KrishnanDIT2009
54Role of glutathione as protective mechanism against alcohol & high glucose induced oxidative stress and toxicity in VL-17A Liver CellsAparajita DeyDBT2009
55Alcohol and high glucose mediated oxidative stress and toxicity in recombinant human hepatoma VL-17A cells.Aparajita DeyDST2009
56Study on microgravity induced signaling mechanisms of angiogenesisSuvro ChatterjeeCSIR2010
57Dissecting signaling mechanism of sFRP4 mediated inhibition of angiogenesisSuvro ChatterjeeDBT2010
58Indo-US Project: Mechanistic analysis of cadmium-inducedSuvro ChatterjeeICMR2010
59Interaction of leptin with endothelium and its implication in angiogenesisSuvro ChatterjeeDST2010
60Indian Language to Indian Language Machine Translation System (ILMT) (Phase II)L. SobhaDIT2010
61Mitochondrial dysfunction in liver cells due to high glucose induced oxidative stressAparajita DeyICMR2010
62Targeting organo-sulphur as a drug high altitude induced pulmonary EdemaSuvro ChatterjeeLSRB (DRDO)2010
63Extension of online distribution of question paper facility to AUTCM.SethuramanAUTC2010
64Design and Development of Adaptive OFDMS. SrikanthSAMEER2010
65Synchronization Frequency Hopping and Wi-Max testing.S. SrikanthC-DAC Thiruvananthapuram2010
66Automation and Networking of 32 District Central Libraries in Tamil Nadu using Koha LMS.C. N. KrishnanDPL, Govt. of T N2010
67Development of a FOSS cloud platformC. N. KrishnanComputer Sciences Corporation (CSC)2010
68Development of Cross Lingual Information Access System (CLIA) – Phase IIL. SobhaDIT2011
69Role of Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs) in Diabetes and Tuberculosis (DM-TB) nexusV. AravindhanDST2011
70Study of nitric oxide implications in cardiovascular dysfunctions under microgravitySuvro ChatterjeeISRO2011
71Web Information Quality Evaluation Initiative (WIQ- EI) FP7-PEOPLE-2009- IRSESL. SobhaEuropean Union2011
72An Electrical Switch to generate Biological PacemakersS KavithaDAE, Govt. of India2011
73Identifying the ion channel responsible for drought tolerance in RiceS KavithaICAR, Govt. of India2011
74Development of chick embryo model of ischemiaSuvro ChatterjeeICMR2011
75Study of effects of breast cancer drugs on endothelial cells and nitric oxide signalingP. GajalakshmiDST2011
76The interplay among bone cells matrices and systems (INTERBONE) FP7-PEOPLE- 2011-IRSES; Grant No 295181Suvro ChatterjeeEU- Marie Curie FP7 Project2012
77Study of microvascular endothelial cells in relation to selected skin perturbing candidates”Suvro ChatterjeeUnilever Industries Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai2012
78Application of microgravity assisted endothelial tubes in wound healingsSuvro ChatterjeeDBT2012
79Development and validation of a cell-tissue co- culture model for aiding liver specific studies and drug discovery applicationsSuvro ChatterjeeDBT-.Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuti cals Ltd.,2012
80“Role of CD4+ T-Helper (Th) cells in Diabetes- Tuberculosis (DM- TB) Nexus”V. AravindhanDAE2012
81Testing & Certification of ISM drugs & formulationsS Kavitha & M S RamasamyDifferent ISM companies2012
82Tracking the status of Out-of-School Children through online MethodsC N KrishnanSchool Education Department, Govt.Tamil Nadu2012
83Development and Maintenance of EMIS and Smart Card applications for SchoolC N KrishnanSchool Education Department, Govt.Tamil Nadu2012
84School Uniform Distribution- Development of a Tracking SoftwareC N KrishnanSchool Education Department, Govt. Tamil Nadu2012
85Development training and consulting on Natural Language ProcessingL SobhaeMudhra Consumer Services Ltd, Bangalore2012
86Immunomodulatory effect of glitazones on Helicobacter pyroli LPS induced gastric ulcer under diabetic conditionsR S DeviDST (WOS-A)2013
87National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS PHASE II) (Extension)C N KrishnanDIT2013
88Retainership AgreementL SobhaeMudhra Consumer Services Ltd, Bangalore2013
89Supporting activities related to MANET PHY DesignM Sethuraman and S SrikanthCDAC, Thiruvananthapuram2013
90Training program on MANET PHY Design and Wireless communication on Physical & MAC LayerM Sethuraman and S SrikanthCDAC, Thiruvananthapuram2013
91Library Automation with KohaC N KrishnanCentre for Water Resources, Anna University2013
92Secure Communication SystemsM SethuramanKBCRF Pvt Ltd2013
93Studies on the efficacy and stability of TAMPCOL Herbal Hair TonicM S RamasamyTamilnadu Medical Plant farms & Herbal medicine corporation Ltd (TAMPCOL) [A govt. of Tamil Nadu Undertaking]2013
94Functional comparative genomics and simulation studies on Caldicellilisiruptor saacharolytics specific to hydrogen productionNupoor ChowdharyDST (WOS-A)2014
95Research Development and consulting on Natural Language ProcessingL SobhaVeda Semantics Pvt Ltd, Bangalore2014
96Study of the effects of skin actives on skin circulation using skin cells/Tissues and chick Embryo Area Vasculosa Sandwich ModelSuvro ChatterjeeUnilever Industries Pvt. Ltd2014
97Training on KOHA Library Management SystemC N Krishnan & S K SainiMascom Software Solution2014
98Automation of Regional Library Facility using KOHA-OPEN SOURCE ILMS AT RHQ (E)C N Krishnan & S K SainiCoast Guard Regional (East), Chennai2014
99Training of EMISC N Krishnan & S K SainiSPD, Govt. of TN2014
100Study of endothelial dysfunctions of breast cancer patients under chemotherapyP GajalakshmiDBT2014
101Developing a web based comprehensive Malayalam DictionaryL SobhaThunjath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University (TEMU), Kerala2015
102Nitric Oxide in Hepatocellular carcinoma: mechanistic and therapeutic implicationsSuvro ChatterjeeIndo-Swiss (DST-SNSF)2015
103Hindi Parts of Speech TaggingL SobhaMeltwater Software Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore2015
104Prediction of synergistic antidiabetic events by in vitro gene expression profiling illustrated for phytochemicals of Trigonella foenum (Fenugreek seeds)Hemaiswariya ShanmugamDST (WOS-A)2015
105miRNA as a potential diagnostic biomarker of diabetic foot ulcersSivakamasundari PichuDST-SERB2015
106Software application design and development servicesSanjeev Saini
C N Krishnan
Triyam LLC, KY, USA2015
107Exploring novel pathways involved in oxidized low density lipoprotein (oxLDL) induced vascular smooth muscel cell (VSMC) foam cell formationJ ManivannanDST-SERB2016
108The development of a child tracking software on pilot basis.Director AU-KBC,Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Chennai2016
109Event Entity Profiling for Tamil Documents - A Mobile ApplicationL SobhaTamil Virtual Academy, Govt. of Tamil Nadu2016
110Rational Design of Copper (II) Complexes as Anti-Alzheimer's Agent through the Inhibition of Neuritic PlaquesS RajalakshmiDST-INSPIRES RajalakshmiDST-INSPIRE2016
111Studying the first leading cell of angiogenesis using eNOS GFP transgenic ZebrafishSuvro ChatterjeeDST-SERB2017
112Studying vascular implications of scorpion venom by using whole human kinome testing platformSuvro ChatterjeeDST-TUNISIA2017
113Consultancy on Morphanalyser for Tamil LanguageSobha LMicrosoft India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad2017
114Consultancy on Development of Knowledge Base an Ontology of Medical ChartsSobha LBuddihealth, USA Chennai2017
115Consultancy on Development of Multilingual Named Entity RecognizerSobha LZow-dow Inc., USA2017
116Natural Language Processing Training ProgramSobha LDept of Linguistics, Kasargode, Kerala2017
117Development of Libre Office API for Malayalam Spell CheckerSobha LICFOSS, Govt. of Kerala2018
118Training program on Machine Learning for Ocean Acoustics and Climate Data AnalysisSobha LNPOL, Cochin2018
119A System to Identify the Soil CharacteristicsSobha LShri A.M.M Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre, Chennai2019
120Development and Deployment of An App-based portal in Indian languages for the educational and cultural needs of under privileged school children free of cost released under an appropriate Free/Open Licensing SchemeSobha LSignals & Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd2019