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MIT Anna University
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Nigazaayvi - is a Tamil Mobile app that fetches events from Web ‘It brings Events into your hand’.
“nigazaayvi”, the mobile app, fetches events from Tamil websites primarily from Newspapers.
Extracts the latest events happening across the globe and provides the user with

  • the event
  • the people associated with the event
  • the place in which the event happens
  • the cause & effect of the event

This was funded by Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA), Government of Tamil Nadu


Searchko - a Tamil portal with variety of information and News in Politics, Films and Sports, Literature, Medical Information from Siddha, Ayurveda and Allopathy, Entertainment Information spanning Music, Dance and Films, etc.

AdTrans - An Online Translation For Advertisements

AdTrans is a system that accepts Tamil queries pertaining to advertisements (Matrimonial, Real Estate, Automobile, Education etc.), searches for the appropriate web contents in English sources, and returns all the relevant results in Tamil and English.