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A Network Security Education and Training Platform

A unique hardware Product developed by the AU-KBC Centre jointly with M/S. Benchmark Microsystems, Chennai, to provide hands-on training to students and trainees in Cryptography and Network Security.

Carry out Experiments & Demos on

  • Cryptography - RC4, RSA, SDES, 3SDES, MD5...

  • Malware tools - Virus, Anti Virus, Trojans...

  • Network Identification - Network Enumeration...

  • System Threats - DDOS, Sniffing, Spoofing...

  • Web Vulnerabilities - Honeypots, SQL Injection,Buffer Overflow...

  • Hacking a webserver

  • Setting up honeypot

  • Setting up a firewall

  • Investigation & fixing buffer overflow

  • TCP session hijacking

  • Setting up end-to-end network security

This product is being marketed by M/S. Benchmark Systems, and the Product Brochure gives more details.

Product Enquiry : enquiry.crypto@au-kbc.org.

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