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MCDQPDS - MultiCentre Digital Question Paper Distribution System

The MCDQPDS solution has two sets of users

  1. Question Paper Distribution Centre (QPDC)

  2. Examinations Centres (EC)

Question Paper Distribution Centre (QPDC)

The QPDC generates all the question papers for the conduct of the examination for a given schedule in an electronic word processing format such as MS Word Documents or PDF documents. The QPDC uses the MCDQPDS solution to securely transmit the exam question paper to the set of Examinations Centres.

The set of Examinations Centres, as per the schedule of the exam verify and decrypt the question paper sent by the QPDC and conducts the examination.

Examinations Centres (EC)

The Examinations Centres Receive Encrypted Question Papers advance Before Examination and write it onto a multi-session CD, The Examinations Centres to verify the digital signature of the QPDC on the question paper by using Public key and Encrypted Question Papers and ensuring that the question paper has actually arrived from the QPDC and not from a malicious third party.

The Examinations Centres Receive the Examinations Centre Key through Internet 1/2 hour before Examinations and add to the multi-session CD and burn it and Receive the QPDC Key from QPDC Representative CD before Examinations.

The Examinations Centres to decrypt the question paper by using the QPDC Representative Key and Examinations Centre Key, and conducts the examination

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