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Webguard is a web content integrity checker designed to keep fraudulent information and defaced pages from even being published on website. Based on cryptographic techniques, Webguard scruntizes every object leaving the web server in Real time, assuring all content (static) is authentic and unaltered.

Webguard Architecture


  • Webguard has no visible IP addresses
  • Webguard in transparent to the network
  • Shiels the web content (webserver) in the DMZ zone
  • Support all web servers complaint to CERN HTTP 0.9/1.0/1.1
  • Interoperability in any Environment
  • Easy Integration into the most complex content management systems
  • No performance due to Webguard
  • Alert mechanisms using Email
  • Easily configurable for High availability and Load balancing with multiple systems
  • Automatic recovery mechanism of damaged content with authentic version under notification
  • Local and remote administration of Webguard using strong authentication methos


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Front Panel View ( User Manual)

                Front Panel                                                                                     Front Panel LED's

Webguard can be configured in three modes

  1. Proxy-Webguard acts like a forward proxy.It doesn't process any request.
  2. Strict-This mode, webguard process the webpage fetched from the webserver and verify the integrity of the page. If integrity fails error content will be sent to client otherwise normal content.
  3. Cache-Same as strict mode, except when integrity fails cached content will be sent to client in case of cache hit; otherwise error page will be sent to client. Integrity verified normal pages will be cached during regular access to the pages.

Product Enquiry : enquiry.crypto@au-kbc.org.

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