M. Sethuraman, Scientist
30+ years in Crypto design Exp,
AU-KBC Research Centre,
Madras Institute of Technology,
Anna University,
Chennai - 600 044, India.

E-mail :msr@au-kbc.org
Telephone :(+91) 044 2223 2711 /4885
Extn :141
Fax :(+91) 044 2223 2711


  • June 1985, Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur)
    M.Tech (EE, Communications)

  • 1969, Indian Institute of Technology (Madras)
    B.Tech (Electronics), Awarded Bronze medal for academic distinction

  • 1966, HH The Rajah's College, University of Madras (Pudukkotai)
    B.Sc. (Major: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

Professional Experience

  • 2002 Onwards AU-KBC Research Centre, Chennai, Tamilnadu

    Working as scientist of KBCRF Pvt. Ltd. At AU-KBC Research Centre. Researched and found a solution for WLAN WEP Security weakness. Development of WEBGUARD to protect against web defacing is in proof of concept stage. An in-house ePKI product and enhancements have been carried out. Investigation on Timing & Power analysis attack on Public Key Crypto was carried out. Consultancy & training of corporate clients on Security aspects of WLAN systems is an ongoing activity. Development of 'iSecureIT' with BMS was completed.


    International Invention Awards by Intellectual Ventures-Asia, one of the leading investors in Intellectual Property (IP) in the world for "A MECHANISM TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE OF TCP (TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL) NETWORKS HAVING WIRELESS LINKS". Presently, when the TPC Network has both wired and wireless links, performance degradation of the network is combated by some form of congestion avoidance measures that invariably bring down the network through put.
    This is the case even when the performance degradation of the network is caused by errors in the wireless segment and not by network congestion.
    The present work offers a technique whereby wireless segment errors are handled with out having to invoke congestion control procedures, thereby avoiding any reduction in the through put.

  • 1991 - 2001 BEL / CRL Bangalore, Karnataka

    Position held when leaving: AGM, D&E Communications

    1991 - 1996 served at Central Research Laboratories of Bharat Electronics Ltd. As "Member, Research Staff", "Member, Senior Research Staff" and "Fellow". During this period, led a team on design and development of Communications and Cryptographic equipment. Team on cryptography was built from scratch and a number of crypto-algorithms and equipment were designed including finite field based Public Key Infrastructures and subsequently served as "AGM, D&E Communications" at Bharat Electronics Ltd., Jalahalli. Here, a number of design groups on military switching and communications, broadcast and core design groups on DSP, Crypto, RF Design, Power Amplifiers, Power Supply and software development were supervised.

    Technology Contributions:

    • Extensive design and development of Crypto products and algorithms ranging from Analog Voice Scramblers to high speed Digital Link Encryptors.

    • A number of Public Key and Private Key schemes were designed and developed.
    • Worked on the enhancement of the quality of the CVSD based voice coder, which solved the dynamic range problem of the coder.

    • DSP based design of frequency hopping VHF/UHF radio design involving design of systems and algorithms.

    • Hot standby switching system for army was completed.


    • Department of Science and Technology (DST) award for design of Encryptor for Satellite Communication for Air Force.

    • Department of Science and Technology (DST) award for successful absorption of technology for Automatic Electronic Switch.

    Professional Training:

    • Finance Management for "non-finance people" at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore for a duration of one week.

    • R&D Systems and Management at Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad.

    • Technology Management at Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad followed by a week's training at India Development Centre, Manchester Business School, Manchester, United Kingdom.

  • 1990 - 1991 TVS Electronics Bangalore, Karnataka

    Position held: Manager, Design and Development

    Led Cartridge Tape Drive development team. Completed development of software for quarter inch cartridge (QIC40) error correction coding and decoding.

  • 1969 - 1989 LRDE (DRDO) Bangalore, Karnataka

    Position held when leaving: Scientist 'D'

    • Design and development of digital communications, digital switching and cryptographic equipment.

    • Completed design of Analog Voice Scramblers, Frequency and Time domain and Digital Crypto for Voice.

    • Design, development and production of secure electronic telephone exchange and digital subscriber unit with built-in digital crypto.

    • Design of target data distribution for radar applications.


    • Award during Republic Day at LRDE for successful completion of Voice Scrambler, KARMA and RAJHANS.

    • Award for successful completion of Secure Electronic Telephone Exchange (SET) with digital encryption terminals.

    • Award for design contribution for "offline synchronization technique".

Additional professional activities

  • Served as a member of DATE (Decision Aid for Technology Evaluation) committee of DRDO on communications.

  • Served as a member of LTD-38 panel on network security and cryptography of BIS, as a part of which the evaluation and recommendations on SMARS (SMArt Rupee System) of IIT, Bombay was carried out.

  • Conducted a two-day workshop on Error Control Coding Techniques at LRDE, Bangalore.

  • Delivered a lecture on Network Security, Digital Signatures and Hash Functions at a workshop on e-Security organized by Centre for Professional Development Education (CPDE), Anna University.

  • Delivered a lecture on Network Security at a workshop on Cryptography and Data Security organized by AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT, Chromepet.

  • Delivered a lecture on Encryption Technologies at Police Training Institute, Ashok Nagar, Chennai at a seminar on cyber-crimes.

  • Delivered a lecture on Encryption Technologies at KSR Institute of Technology, Tiruchengodu.

Papers published / presented

  • "Concatenated Error Control Scheme" at Embedded and Microprocessor Systems Conference at ITI, Bangalore.

  • "ISDN Communications" at CONSEG seminar, Bangalore.

  • "Cryptographic Protocols" at Computer Society Conference on Security at Bangalore.

  • "Performance Analysis of Dictionary Based Data Compression Algorithms for High Speed Networks", S.Subathra, M.Sethuraman & Vinosh Babu James. Presented at IEEE Indicon 2005 Conference,Chennai,11-13 Dec 2005