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Our Facilities

Anna University was accredited with, highest rating, five star status latest by the Indian University Grants Commission. AU-KBC Research Centre within the University is a multidisciplinary research institution of global standing. It is actively involved in research in Life Sciences in the field of Nano-scale imaging, Vascular biology, Regenerative medicines, Cell and tissue modelling, Biosensors for diagnosis and Bioinformatics. The vascular biology laboratory of Chatterjee’s group currently comprises 5 Postdocs and 10 PhD students and is studying the mechanisms underlying nitric oxide involvement in vascular biology by using cell based assays.

The AU-KBC Research Centre is well equipped e.g. Raman spectrometer, Confocal Microscope,Clinostat bioreactor, Optical tweezer, Double patch clamp setup, Micro-injector, Electroporator etc.

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