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Engaging With Us

If the list of liver research support services that we provide appears relevant to the clients’ needs, the client could start by contacting us over telling us broadly of their needs. Once we confirm that the same falls within our portfolio of services, the client could give us more details of their precise requirements in terms of quality, quantity, time frames etc., and we will revert with commercial terms including quotation, schedules, confidentiality clauses, legal/regulatory issues (if any), etc. If these are satisfactory to the client, or we arrive at mutually satisfactory terms through negotiations, then the client would place a firm order on us, indicating all commercial and regulatory terms that would be governing this engagement. This would be reciprocated by us with the issue of an Order Acceptance Statement sent to the client. Typically, a certain percentage of the costs have to be paid by the client along with the dispatch of the sample to us, with the rest of the payment being made on our submitting the results of our studies, as spelt out in the client’s final order. The results of our studies would be submitted in the form of a Report signed by the Head of LRSU and the Director of the AU-KBC Research Centre.
All payments are to be made through bank transfers.
Wherever the client so desires, the above process could be preceded by the signing of a separate NDA between the two parties. Similarly, the clients are free to inspect our premises before engaging with us if they so desire.
Being a not-for-profit entity, we would require that our identity be not used for purely commercial/marketing purposes of the product that was tested by us, while we have no problem with our identity being revealed to the R&D community, regulatory agencies, etc. as felt necessary by the client in the normal course of work.
In case of any disputes between us and the client that remain unresolved through mutual discussions and understanding in good faith, the same could be referred to a mutually accepted arbitrator. However, all our engagements would ultimately be governed by the Laws of the Indian Republic.
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