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About Us

Located at the M.I.T. Campus of Anna University, Chennai (India), the Liver Research Services Unit (LRSU) of the AU-KBC Research Centre provides outsourced Clinical Research Services to the global community involved in studying liver diseases and their remedies. LRSU has evolved out of the intensive R&D work carried out in the Life Sciences Division of the AU-KBC Centre on various aspects of human diseases and drugs since 2000.
Research aimed at understanding Liver diseases and developing drugs for them requires a large set of capabilities, skills, facilities, and infra-structure. While large Pharma R & D companies are likely to have all of these under their roof, such may not be the case with smaller entities such as Biotech SMBs, Startups etc for whom outsourcing some of the services they need would be a very prudent route to take. LRSU positions itself precisely to meet such needs of the drug development industry.
LRSU supports the Liver Research Community on the following topics:
  • Cell Viability
  • Proliferation
  • Migration & Contraction
  • Fibrogenesis
  • Hepatic microenvironment
  • Live Imaging
  • Genomics
  • Secretome & Proteomics
Being part of a reputed Life Sciences Research Laboratory with national and global collaborations and linkages ensures the quality of services that LRSU provides. Our location with in a leading technological university active in most areas of engineering and applied sciences also gives us access to a broad expertise base of scientists and faculty, scholars, students, equipment and facilities, which, among other things, also ensures that our services stay highly affordable despite their high quality.
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