Research Support Services to the Indian System of Medicine & Natural Products Industry

Research Support Services to the Indian System of Medicine & Natural Products Industry

Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) is a time tested therapeutic modality accepted in all parts of India as well as worldwide. However, drugs and formulations manufactured based on the ISM have only limited presence in Indian markets, and almost negligible presence in our export list. One of the reasons for this is the lack of modern scientific evidence for their efficacy, safety, repeatability etc. in a form acceptable in today's world. Fortifying the claims of ISM by modern scientific methods, along with standardization and quality control of their preparations, can help the ISM-based health care industry expand its market-share substantially. These are the areas where Modern Research Laboratories in India can extend significant support to the ISM based Indian drug industry. In pursuit of such a goal, the Indian Systems of Medicine/Natural Products (ISM/NP) Laboratory of the Life Sciences Division of AU-KBC Centre extends its expertise and facilities to actively support the ISM/Natural Products Industry by offering advanced scientific testing, validation and standardization services based on OECD and AYUSH guidelines. Going forward, one of the goals of the Laboratory is to able to develop a modern scientific understanding of these drugs and treatments in such a manner as to suggest how their efficacy and effectiveness could be further enhanced with out sacrificing any of their original and unique strengths.

Another equally valuable service we offer to the Indian ISM/Natural Products Industry is in the Training and Certification area. It is broadly accepted today that the students and practitioners of ISM or Natural Products based systems of treatment need to have a level of exposure to, and understanding of, some of the basic concepts, tools and techniques of modern biological and statistical sciences. Even though some aspects of these are expected to be taught within the curricula of these courses themselves, this does not seem to be anywhere near adequate both in terms of breadth or depth of coverage. This is especially so as regards the preparation, testing, manufacture etc of drugs based on the ISM/NP principles to which today's ISM graduates are expected to be exposed to. Our ISM/NP Laboratory attempts to help rectify this situation by offering short duration Training and Certification programs (theory as well as practical) to final year and PG students of the ISM stream, as well as to the practicing doctors of this stream. Wherever necessary, these programs are also tailor made to suit the needs of the particular client organization.

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