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Date 15th Feb2007

AU-KBC Research Centre invites quotations with Technical Bid and Price Bid separately sealed for the supply of following items. Last date to submit competitive  quotes is 26th February 2007 5.00pm.

1. Blue/Green Laser(s) with power supply module and cooling accessories wherever required. Multiline lasers or independent lasers with blue or green wavelength with

following specifications. Each laser unit with power supply and other essential accessories should be quoted separately.


    Quantity: One system.

    Specification: 473nm or 488nm /50-100mW and 514nm or 532nm / 50-100mW,

    TEM00 mode, polarization vertical 100:1, Type: Argon Ion or Solid Sate

2. Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor module with two probes.

    Quantity: ONE UNIT

    Specification: Sonic power 100-200mW, Capacity 0.1ml to 50ml range, one probe for 1ml and another probe for 1-50ml. Power control and timer.

3. Bacterial Shaker Incubator

    Quantity: ONE UNIT

    Specification Shaker: Orbital shaking 50-300rpm range within 2% deviation of set value,

    DC motor drive, digital display of temperature and rpm, with tray size 40cm x 40cm.

    Specification of Incubator: 5degreeC above ambient to 50deg.C, PID control of temperature to within 0.1C, with built in quality temperature sensors and display.

4. X-Y translator stage with 1micron accuracy, for inverted microscope (Nikon/ Olympus) with joystick and stand alone controller.

5. Single Axis micromanipulator module with micrometer resolution for cell work

6. 3KVA UPS.

    Specification: True online, SMF batteries for 20minute back-up, single phase input.

    Output characteristics: sine wave form, 220/230 Volts with less than 1% variation, less than 3% distortion.

Terms and Conditions:

Technical bids should contain document(s) in support for the durability and performance of the products, extended service capability of the supplier, and short reference to use of product established research labs. For all items, one year one site warranty is essential.