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The V-MIA Project:
A Voice-based Multilingual Information Access System for Indian Languages

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Indo-German Program on Language Technologies

1st Meeting of the participating Groups
DST, New Delhi
7 October 2004

A) Purpose of the Meeting:
As per the DST sanction (No. DST/INT/FRG/BMBF/29/2004 of 11th Aug. 2004), a detailed proposal for the V-MIA (Voice-based Multilingual Information Access System) Project, conceived as a collaborative program between India and Germany, is to be drawn up with in a period of two months after consultations between the various Language Technology groups in India. The meeting on the 7th Oct. is the 1st such meeting between Indian scientists working in the area of Language Technologies and allied fields. The meeting has the following goals:

  1. Finalise the formation of Working Groups in the following five areas -
    • Speech Technologies
    • Machine Translation
    • Information Accessing
    • Ontologies and Corpora
    • Software Design and Systems Engineering

  2. Arrive at a tentative outline of what would go into the final proposal in each of the five areas.

  3. Formulate a work plan for the next two months (for individual working groups as well as for the overall group), leading to the finalization of the V_MIA detailed proposal by mid-November 2004.

    1. B) AGENDA of the Meeting:

      9.30 - 10.00 AM : Report on the developments since the Chennai Meeting in Feb 2004.
      10.00 - 11.00 AM : Finalisation of the different working groups and definition of their tasks/ scope
      11.00 - 3.30 PM : Discussion within each individual group and drawing up its report. (5 parallel Groups)
      3.30 - 5.30 PM : Presentation of the individual groups' reports and finalisation of work plan for Oct-Nov 2004.

      C) List of Participants

      • Dr. Ajay Jain, IIT, Kanpur
      • Dr. Agarwal Shyam S, C-DAC, Noida
      • Mr. Arora Karunesh K, C-DAC, Noida
      • Dr. Arora R K, DIT, MCIT, GoI
      • Dr. Bandopadyaya Shivaji, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
      • Mr. Baskaran S, AU-KBC Research Centre, Chennai
      • Dr. Bhattacharya Pushpak, IIT, Mumbai
      • Dr. Choudhuri B B,ISI, Kolkata
      • Dr. Darbari Hemant, C-DAC, Pune
      • Dr. Geetha T V, CEG/Anna University, Chennai
      • Dr. Krishnan C N, AU-KBC Research Centre, Chennai
      • Dr. Mallikarjun B., CIIL, Mysore
      • Dr. Mohanty Shangamitra, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
      • Dr. Murthy Narayana K, University of Hyderabad
      • Dr. Padmanabham G P, DST, GoI
      • Dr. Rajendran S, AU-KBC Research centre, Chennai
      • Dr. Rajendran S, Tamil University, Thanjavur
      • Dr. Rao G Uma Maheswara, University of Hyderabad
      • Dr. Samudravijaya K, TIFR, Mumbai
      • Dr. Sangal Rajeev, IIIT, Hyderabad
      • Dr. Sarkar Sudeshna, IIT, Kharagpur
      • Dr. Sinha Mukul Kumar, Expert Software Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
      • Dr. Sobha L, AU-KBC Research Centre, Chennai