Short Courses and Training Programs

It is broadly accepted today that the students and practitioners of ISM/AYUSH or Natural Products based systems of treatment need to have a level of exposure to, and understanding of, some of the basic concepts, tools and techniques of modern biological, chemical and statistical sciences. Even though some aspects of these are expected to be taught within the curricula of these courses themselves, this does not seem to be adequate both in terms of the breadth or depth of coverage. This is especially so as regards the preparation, testing, manufacture, quality assurance etc of drugs based on the ISM/NP principles to which today's ISM graduates are expected to be exposed to. Our Laboratory attempts to help rectify this situation by offering short duration ( five days to one month) Training and Certification programs (theory as well as practical) to final year and PG students of the ISM/AYUSH stream, as well as to the practicing doctors of this stream. Wherever necessary, these programs are also tailor made to suit the needs of the particular client organization.

Some of the topics covered in these courses:

The following are some of the topics to which we expose the students and practitioners of ISM and Natural Products through short courses and workshops having a strong hands-on component:

Contents of a typical such course conducted by us are available here
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