AYUSH - ISM - NP Division
(Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy - Indian Systems of Medicine - Natural Products)
Approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India

Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) is a time tested therapeutic modality accepted in all parts of India as well as worldwide. However, drugs and formulations based on the ISM have only limited presence in Indian markets, having less than 10% of the market share, and almost negligible presence in our export list. There are many reasons for this, one of which being the lack of modern scientific evidence for their efficacy, safety, repeatability, standardization etc. in a form acceptable in today's world. The AYUSH-ISM-NP Division has been set up in the AU-KBC Research Centre to explore ways in which a modern S&T Laboratory like ours can interact with the AYUSH-ISM-NP domain in a mutually beneficial way.

Summarised below are some of the ways in which we believe Modern S&T and ISM systems can profitably interact with each other:

Six distinct ways have been listed above in which a Modern S&T lab can work with the AYUSH industry and practitioners, and there could be many more. In particular, (2) to (6) are some specific ways by which Modern Research Laboratories in India can extend significant support to the ISM based Indian drug industry. Our AYUSH-ISM-NP Laboratory has been focusing so far mainly on activity (2), viz. providing R&D and HRD support services in the areas of Testing, QA , Standards and Regulatory issues faced by our AYUSH industry. We will be taking up work on the other topics (3 to 6) as per the needs of our AYUSH Industry.

The AYUSH-ISM-NP Division of the AU-KBC Research Centre is supported by the entire Life Sciences Team of the Centre, backed by a full fledged modern Biology Lab and Infrastructure. Our Client List includes many reputed AYUSH companies from different parts of India.

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