An AYUSH sponsored 6-day National Workshop on
“Scientific Validation, Development and
Promotion of Siddha Medicine”
23-28 March 2017, Anna University Chennai.
Registration Fees:
Sponsored by AYUSH (No Fees)

An Invitation for Participation to –
MBBS doctors, Ph. D. s and Research Scholars in Modern Biology and Clinical Sciences,
Entrepreneurs interested in promotion of AYUSH system

If you are a non-AYUSH Medical Practitioner, Modern Scientist, Research Scholar, Entrepreneur or Healthcare Professional with an interest in knowing about the Siddha System of Medicine, then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

This is a 6-day workshop (Thursday 23rd to Tuesday 28th March 2017 ) sponsored by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, and being organized by the AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT Campus of Anna University Chennai (, with the specific aim of exposing modern health care professionals like you to the ancient Siddha System of Medicine. Siddha is a leading member of the Traditional Medical Systems of India (referred to collectively as AYUSH), and has an unbroken history of prevalence and use in the southern regions of our country.

The objective of the present workshop is to provide a comprehensive exposure to the Siddha System (its principles and practice, as well as the efforts being made to develop a Modern Scientific understanding of it ) to health care professionals from the modern system such as MBBS doctors, Ph. D. s and Research Scholars in Modern Biology and Clinical Sciences, Entrepreneurs interested in promotion of AYUSH system , etc.

The AYUSH-ISM-NP Division of the AU-KBC Centre ( has been actively involved in this field, and has been recognized by the AYUSH Ministry, Govt. of India , for doing R&D, Testing & Certification, and HRD work in the AYUSH domain. The Course would be conducted by leading experts and practitioners of Siddha, Modern scientists doing Research in Siddha, Siddha drug manufacturers, Government officials, NGO s etc . involved in promoting AYUSH systems, etc.

The major themes and topics that would be covered in the Workshop are given below.As per the norms of the AYUSH funding for such CME Programs, all the expenditure of the selected participants would be met by the Workshop Organisers, and a Certificate of Participation would be issued to them.

Interested persons may apply using this Registration form.
Last date for receipt of your application : 17th March 2017
Intimation to selected participants : 18th March 2017

Dr. M S Ramasamy
Coordinator, AYUSH Workshop on Siddha
AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University, MIT campus, Chennai
Telephone No: 91-44-22232711 Ext: 122; Mobile: 9176049309


Workshop Coverage:
  1. Basics of the Principles and Practice of the Siddha System.
  2. Role of Siddha Medicine in lifestyle disorders and critical diseases
  3. Role of Siddha Medicine in treating global health problems using reverse Pharmacology.
  4. Modern bioassay and high throughput screening tools in the testing, validation and formulation of Siddha medicines.
  5. Intellectual property rights and regulatory aspects of Siddha formulations.
  6. Contribution of Siddha Medicine in drug discovery and designing for various diseases/ disorders.
  7. International Regulatory Requirements and Challenges for popularization of Siddha Medicine in BRICS and Non BRICS counties.
  8. Visits, Hands on Training, Panel Discussion, Recommendations, etc .