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Loka vidya is knowledge that resides in open society, outside colleges, universities, and other modern institutions of knowledge production. Men and women from peasant, artisan, adivasi and other poor households earn their livelihoods and run their society and economy based on lokavidya. But lokavidya is not traditional knowledge. It is contemporary, renewed everyday. It transcends the traditional-modern dichotomy because it is knowledge without ideological preconditions. In the world of lokavidya, mental and manual work together produce knowledge. The lokavidya perspective reveals that social and political movements of the modern period have failed to end the hegemony of science and modern knowledge systems. This session will explore the social, economic, political and epistemic dimensions of lokavidya. We will also explore the proposition that elimination of social and economic inequality requires that lokavidya command as much respect in society as university knowledge does.

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