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Speakers in this session will critically examine the proposition that the arrival of Information and Communications Technologies and the Internet Revolution have fundamentally transformed the organization of knowledge in society. ICTs have entered and transformed all domains of life be it governance, finance, education, security, life, labour or love. All these changes are summarized by saying that we are moving towards a knowledge society. Is this just hype, or is there a deep transformation of knowledge underway? Those on the connected side of the digital divide claim that the Internet has brought about a democratization of knowledge. It seems increasingly that knowledges deemed unscientific by modern science are finding space in the virtual domain. But will this destabilization caused by the Internet indeed create a new knowledge democracy or will authoritarian power in the real world find more and more ways to use the new technologies for a further tightening of its hold? Speakers in this session will be come from backgrounds of Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Economics, and political activism.

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