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One of the key things that this Conference is attempting is to look at the ongoing Dynamics in the Knowledge Domain and try and connect it to the knowledge that our ordinary people possess and use for sustaining their daily lives. It is evident that a large part of such knowledge that people possess is derived, directly or indirectly, from our own earlier traditions, with necessary adaptations and refinements over time. Therefore an understanding and appreciation of these traditions , especially their living aspects, would greatly assist in comprehending the knowledge space in which most of our people lead their lives.

The session on our S&T Traditions would be attempting this.

The speakers in this session would be persons who have spent long periods of time investigating/promoting/practicing these traditions, and they would be sharing their understanding and assessment of the present status as well as future scope of these traditions serving the needs of our people and our nation. The speakers would be attempting, wherever possible, to bring out how strengthening these S&T traditions can contribute to the twin goals of economic development and social justice that is at the core of our contemporary development discourse. They would also try and give specific suggestions as to the roles that needs to be played by the State and Central governments, the Corporate sector, the Academia and R&D sector, NGO s, the Media, etc. in ensuring that the nation derives full benefits from the treasure house that is our traditions in diverse spheres.

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